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In the press

CW Beggs and Sons, the spirit of a gentleman

Tennis is often referred to as a gentlemen’s sport. Some say this is due to the sport’s origins (...)


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Myles Sexton’s makeup tips for men at The Morning Show

Makeup expert Myles Sexton explains how guys can make cosmetics part of their daily routine. - May 2019

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Graduation ball theme at Global TV Montreal

Doing your own makeup for prom this year? Makeup artist Elizabeth D’Amico joins Global’s Andrea Howick with DIY prom makeup and must have products to get you ready for your special day. - April 2019

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The winner of the 2018 Beauty Grand Prix

Gerald Gero from Gatineau, Quebec, said this face cream made his skin feel softer right after application—and the next day too.(...)

ELLE CANADA - September 2018

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Why exfoliate?

Discover the CW Beggs and Sons Face Scrub in the spring 2018 issue of Homme magazine. - March 2018

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Anti-aging skincare for men

Style expert Claude Laframboise joins us with skincare products from CW Beggs that every man should have in his arsenal. - March 2018

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Beauty for him: Our favorite products of the moment

HuffPost Québec, article by Philippe Lépine - October 2017

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FOR HIM: The heritage of Charles

HuffPost Québec, article by Philippe Lépine - August 2017

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In the kit: August novelties

Journal Metro, article by Jessica Dostie - August 2017

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Cw Beggs and Sons: New products

Day Jobs | Nightlife, by Blair Dohey - July 2017

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''Unify and hydrate for an instantly refreshed look.''

Décor Homme - June 2017

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''Three must-try skin care essentials for men.''

Breakfast TV - September 2017

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''Summer Skin Care Guide for men: tips to keeping your skin in top condition.''

Breakfast TV - June 2017

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''This serum offers powerful anti-aging actions.''

Journal de Montréal - June 2017

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“This brand is stealing the show in pharmacies! […] It's men's skin care products are hypoallergenic, oil free, paraben free, gluten free, alcohol free and perfume free.”

Ton Barbier - Winter 2017

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“Each formula has a cool, fresh, and soft texture that absorbs in seconds. Your skin will thank you!”

Décor Homme - Winter 2017

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“CW Beggs and Sons is nestled in the medium- to high-end range and distinguishes itself from the competition by offering products that are completely hypoallergenic, perfume free, paraben free, oil free, gluten free, and alcohol free.”

Metro - December 2016

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“Created to stimulate hydration, detoxification and the skin’s natural regenerative processes, CW Beggs and Sons products contain ingredients such as Canadian Willow Herb and hyaluronic acid.”

Fugues - December 2016

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“We’re showing six products: four of them are moisturizers addressing different needs for the skin, one is the anti-aging moisturizer and the last is the Platinum Power Serum. It’s not a complicated range: cleaning, moisturizing, exfoliating. They’re the basics.”

Breakfast TV - December 2016

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“To make men’s lives easier, they’ve created a 3-step program : cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. […] Their products are gently scented and extremely affordable.”

Salut Bonjour - November 2016

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“Its products are held to the highest standards: they’re all hypoallergenic, alcohol free, gluten free, oil free, and perfume free, unlike most other cosmetics.”

Breakfast TV - November 2016

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“CW Beggs and Sons skin care products are developed specifically for men’s skin to help you look your best this holiday season.”

Véro Magazine - Christmas 2016

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“The time where a man’s skin care kit contained nothing but a bar of soap, a razor and an aftershave lotion is long gone. Men’s skin is much more complex and different than women’s skin, and it deserves products developed specifically to fit its needs.”

Clin d'œil - November 2016

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“Formulated with adaptive pigments (meaning it matches every skin tone), clay, provitamin B5, and hyaluronic acid, the CW Beggs Tinted Moisturizer unifies skin tone, mattifies the T-zone and hydrates, all in one easy step. A lifesaver for busy mornings.”

Elle Québec - October 2016

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“Charles Waugh Beggs probably didn’t expect that a men’s skin care line would bear his name more than 140 years after developing his first beauty products for women in Chicago. Groupe Marcelle’s new line of skin care for men pays homage to CW Beggs, a true entrepreneur.”

Fugues - September 2016

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“This fall, Marcelle launched its men’s brand, CW Beggs and Sons, which pays homage to Mr. Beggs, the brand’s innovative founder in 1874. It includes an array of complete, easy-to-use skin care routines developed specifically for men. Plus, all the products are hypoallergenic, perfume free, paraben free, oil free, gluten free, and alcohol free, making them gentle and non-irritating. The line’s super-ingredient, Provitamin B5, can be found in many of its products, leaving skin fortified, soothed, and repaired. ”

La Presse - September 2016

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“What’s amazing is that [the brand] is hypoallergenic, it does not contain alcohol, gluten, oil and fragrance, and it does not contain 12 components that are used by a bunch of cosmetic companies. Men like their products to be very simple to use, very efficient, to the point. [CW Beggs and Sons has] a bunch of products for different skin types or for different needs, but every product is very easy to use.”

Breakfast TV - September 2016

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“Thomas is a true gentleman. He was selected because he perfectly represents the brand’s values, through his confidence, character, and class. He embodies modern masculinity.”

Clin d’œil - July 2016

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“From the Face Scrub with bamboo particles to the Oil Control Moisturizer, all the way to the anti-aging Platinum Power Serum, all of our products are paraben free, oil free, alcohol free and perfume free. They prove that less really is more.”

Véro Magazine - Christmas 2015

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“Skincare products should not make life more complicated. With CW Beggs and Sons Shower, Shampoo and Shave, you won't confuse styling cream and face lotion ever again.”

Elle Man Magazine - October 2015

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“Charles Waugh Beggs was inspired by science’s potential to improve the quality of daily life. This spirit was the driving force behind the creation of this new line of products.” - October 2015

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