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Our Story


Chicago, 1874. A time of railroad barons in top hats and telegraph boys in cloth caps. Of steel magnates and steamships. Of waistcoats and watch chains. 
Of factory grease on the world's first blue jeans,
 and oil-slicked hair glinting by gaslight. Character is forged by work, and work is hard. This is the Chicago of C.W. Beggs.

Chicago is a cradle of opportunity – an everyman empire capable of seemingly unlimited expansion, where the collective dream is to become a self-made Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, or Carnegie.. A man’s word is as good as his signature. A good handshake is money in the bank.

"He’s not proud of his appearance, but
takes pride in his appearance."

Chicago, 1874 is where CW Beggs, Sons, and Co. first created the Marcelle line of toiletries. Like many men of the time, C.W. Beggs was inspired by the promise that science could be used to improve the quality of daily life. He launched the Marcelle brand with the promise to women that his products would not only beautify their skin, but also permanently improve its health.

Throughout his lifetime, his balms, brilliantines, talcs, toilet waters, lipsticks and lotions were distributed by thousands of apothecaries and drug stores, and used by millions of women across America. In the 140 years since C.W. Beggs launched Marcelle cosmetics in Chicago, his original company has grown to offer hundreds of well-loved products available virtually everywhere in North America.

This is our story. The CW Beggs and Sons brand was born in the Chicago of 1874; today it’s an emblem of the spirit of a time and place full of wild optimism and limitless possibility. The brand is a way for us as a company to honour our heritage. It’s an invitation to men around the world to connect with the gentleman-like values of C.W. Beggs, and to celebrate the indomitable spirit of Chicago.