For many, winter means hibernation. If you, too, get the blues as soon as the temperature drops, follow our practical tips to make it through the coldest of seasons.

Get your winter gear ready

A good coat and boots that keep your feet warm and dry make all the difference. Investing in these will help you better weather the everyday cold; you could even go for a stroll… for fun!

Go play outside

It may seem counterintuitive if you hate winter, but an outdoor stroll is the best way to conquer the cold. A brisk walk on your lunch break is—quite literally—a breath of fresh air, will help your digestion and perk you up for the afternoon. Remember that a walk, even a short one, is non-negligible exercise.

Eat healthy, in-season food

Cold weather and dark evenings give us all a hankering for comfort food, which is often heavy and high in calories. Treat your taste buds to new flavours of the season: root vegetables and legumes mixed with herbs and spices always make nutritious and tasty meals.

Stay connected

Avoid feeling isolated by skipping that all-too-tempting binge-watching session. Don’t put your social life on hold, especially in these times, as the benefits of human interaction are well known. Play online games, schedule video calls, go for a walk two metres apart, watch a series simultaneously or send a gift to your loved ones, because even the small gestures make a big impact.

Take care of yourself… and of your skin!

Well-being comes from within, but taking care of our exterior also helps! Consider changing up your daily routine to include taking care of your skin, under siege from the cold weather. Start using products with effective ingredients that hydrate, repair and protect.

Here are a few suggestions:

Gently wash your face with one of the cleansers from CW Beggs and Sons, such as the Energy+ Face Wash or Sensitive Skin Face Wash.

Protect your skin from the aggressive cold with a hydrating product. Discover the Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 and Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. If you haven’t done so already, add a product specially designed for your eye contour area to your skin care routine.

Avoid the discomfort of dry skin caused by changes in temperature with the help of a body moisturizer, like the Ultra Moisturizer Hand and Body with its creamy, fast-absorbing formula.

Don’t neglect your lips! The Moisturizing Lip Balm is perfect for keeping this more sensitive skin supple and hydrated.

Often, the simplest gestures produce the greatest results. And don’t forget that whatever happens, spring will inevitably return!