Redness, irritation and discomfort. Sound familiar? No need to panic: you’re not alone. In fact, very few men are sufficiently informed about skin sensitivity, and even fewer know how to remedy it. Amid this confusion, a lot of men end up using products that simply don’t meet their specific needs. If this is an issue that gets under your skin, we have suggestions for your skin care routine that will help you retake control.

Nothing wrong with masculine sensitivity!

Men are particularly at risk of one or several symptoms related to sensitive skin, the first guilty party is the razor. Frequent shaving is a skin stressor that can trigger strong reactions, including the aptly named “razor burn.” Environmental aggressors, like drastic temperature changes and UV rays, also play their part in tormenting sensitive skin.

These signs are not deceiving

Your skin is trying to send you messages. It’s up to you to decode them. Here are the signs you should never ignore:

• A sensation of tender skin after a shower 
• Redness and inflammation 
• Irritation
• Discomfort 
• Itching and tingling sensations

Time to take back control

Fortunately, a few precautions and quality products can soothe and appease even the most sensitive skin. Control is in your hands!

1. Keep away from products containing alcohol

Cheap aftershaves are your worst enemy.

2. Avoid scented products

Unfortunately, even the nicest fragrances can have an irritating effect. According to a study by the University of West Georgia, nearly 30% of respondents demonstrated a form of sensitivity to perfume1. For some, the reaction appears to be an allergy. Don’t let your nose mislead you; choose your products first and foremost in terms of their quality. Your skin will thank you.

3. Clean gently

Many men wrongly believe that “the more it foams, the better it cleans”. In fact, washing up too aggressively only dehydrates the skin and increases its reactivity to irritants. Take a gentler approach instead with our Soothing Face Wash. This rids the skin of impurities without drying it and finishes off with skin-soothing ingredients.

4. Exfoliate your skin with moderation

One to two weekly scrubs are enough. To find out about the benefits of exfoliating with scrubs, check out our article on the subject.

5. Moisturize after each shave with easy-on-the-skin products

Friction from razor blades can compromise your skin’s moisture barrier and trigger strong reactions. After shaving, it’s essential to apply a high-quality moisturizer specifically developed for sensitive skin. Look for ingredients that not only moisturize, but also soothe and repair, like allantoin or Provitamin B5, which are contained in our Soothing Moisturizer.

6. Limit your exposure to the sun

Among the environmental stresses to which your skin is exposed, the sun is certainly the most significant. In the short term, UV rays can cause rashes, allergic reactions and sunburn. In the long term, they accelerate the skin’s aging and are behind some serious cancers. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, five to fifteen minutes of exposure is all you need to give you your adequate daily dose of Vitamin D2.