Shaving can take its toll on your skin. Find out how to minimize the harm by choosing the right product and learn the difference between shaving foam and cream.

The importance of protecting your skin

As sharp blades put skin to the test, a product designed to fight razor burn becomes a must. The job of your product is to act as a lubricant between the blade and the skin to reduce friction as you shave. What’s more, a good-quality shaving cream or foam will protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier, as well as prevent redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. When shopping for shaving cream or foam, avoid products that contain alcohol and fragrance, which are both known as potential irritants for the skin. Instead, look for moisturizing and protective ingredients, and don’t judge a product solely on its texture—a thick, creamy shaving foam might in fact contain very few active ingredients to protect your skin.

Shaving foam or cream? How to choose:

Foam texture is traditionally more popular than shaving cream, although the latter has been growing in popularity in recent years. Beyond a personal preference, knowing these products’ respective features will help you make an informed purchase. But more than anything, it should be your skin type - and not the product texture - that dictates your decision. CW Beggs and Sons now offers both formulas. If your skin is normal, the Moisturizing Shaving Cream is a good choice for a close and comfortable shave. Note that a cream formula, by definition, does not lather in the same way as foam. It is nevertheless just as efficient, which is what continues to attract its fans. If your skin is sensitive, try the Sensitive Skin Shave Foam, a new, targeted formula that combats shaving issues such as redness and razor burn. Note that even if your skin is not particularly sensitive, you can safely use this product as well, especially if you like the lightweight texture of a shaving foam, as opposed to the richer, thicker feeling of the shaving cream. When it comes to your blades, the choice is a matter of personal taste. Both shaving creams and foams can be used with various types of razors.


Moisturising Shave Cream

Its rich texture eases shaving and helps prevent redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. In addition, it protects and restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
Active ingredients: Tasmanian pepper, for its soothing action; allantoin, which reduces tightness, redness and irritation caused by shaving; and provitamin B5, a potent moisturizing agent.

Sensitive Skin Shave Foam

Like a shield for your skin, this formula protects against razor burn, irritation and redness. Its dense and generous texture allows for a precise and comfortable shave.
Active ingredients:Soothing Tasmania berry, calming aloe vera, and shea butter for maximum hydration.

Like the entire range of CW Beggs and Sons products, both the Moisturizing Shaving Cream and Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam are hypoallergenic and free of parabens, gluten, oil, alcohol and fragrance. They are both recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association. Using the right shaving cream or foam that suits your skin’s needs will not only make shaving easier but also keep your skin in top shape. Here’s to smoother skin and a more comfortable shave!


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