We all love summer’s balmy weather, but the heat can also take its toll on your skin. Here are some refreshing ways to fight the negative effects that scorching days can have on your face so you can look your best all summer long.


No matter your skin type, it’s important to properly cleanse your skin twice a day. This is especially vital in the summer since we tend to sweat more. That means you don’t want to skip your nighttime wash to ensure you don’t go to bed with a day’s worth of dirt on your face. If your skin is oily or tends to be during the summer, now’s the time to switch to a face wash that’s specially formulated to thoroughly clean your skin without stripping its natural moisture barrier. Hot weather also calls for exfoliation. Use a scrub to rid your skin of dead cells and dust, which tend to cling to skin in humid conditions. And while you’re taking good care of your face, why not do the same for your body?


Oil Control Face Wash: It regulates sebum production and reduces bacterial growth. 

Face Scrub: A gentle exfoliator with bamboo particles that will leave your skin smooth and glowing. 

Invigorating Shower Gel: Gently cleanses while helping your skin maintain its hydration. It also offers a pleasant cooling sensation powered by menthol.


It might sound counterintuitive to moisturize your skin in the summer, especially if your skin is oily. However, your skin always needs nourishment since even oily skin can become dehydrated. If your forehead and nose look shiny by midday, turn to a moisturizer designed to control oil production. It’s also common for skin that might be normal or even normal to dry the rest of the year to become oily in the summer. That’s why it’s always a good idea to switch up your skin care during the warmer months.


Oil Control Moisturizer: A lightweight formula that controls shine and excess sebum production.


While harmful UV rays are present even on overcast days, sun protection is unfortunately not something everyone uses year-round…yet. Be sure to shield your skin every day by saving heavy sunscreens for days spent at the beach, by the pool or on the field. Opt for a lightweight formula made for daily use instead.


Defense Moisturizer SPF 30: It will not only protect your skin from damaging rays but also prevent signs of premature aging caused by sun exposure and urban pollution.


Take note: The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face. Treat it with extra TLC, using a product that is specially formulated for the area. Bonus points: The right eye care will also deliver a refreshing effect and make you look better (read: more well-rested).


Energizing Eye Gel: In addition to reducing dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue, it also features a bead applicator that provides the benefits of a micro-massage.


Although we still associate a tan with a healthy appearance, there’s no denying that sun exposure contributes to signs of premature aging. If you’re seeking a bit of colour and an even-looking complexion, try a tinted moisturizer.


Tinted Moisturizer: Its pigments adapt to your skin tone, while its formula reduces dark circles and signs of stress or fatigue. It also hydrates your skin while keeping it shine-free.

Looking your best during the summer is easy with the right products. Find the ones that work well for you and enjoy looking cool — even when the mercury rises!


An established figure in the fashion and beauty world, Claude Laframboise has over 20 years of experience in the Canadian media industry. He has worked as a fashion stylist and beauty editor for Clin d’œil, the Montreal editor for FASHION Magazine, editorial director for MARIAGE Québec, and held various key roles at LOULOU, among them Editor-in-Chief.

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