Sun protection is key to shielding your skin from harmful UV rays, and it’s an essential step when it comes to fighting premature aging caused by sun exposure.


Thanks to extensive awareness campaigns over the years, the use of sunscreen has become routine – for some. Many still apply SPF only when they’re out in the sun and others use sunscreen exclusively during the summer or when they’re enjoying outdoor activities. This is a big problem, since our skin is constantly exposed to the sun’s rays; even when we’re indoors, we can’t hide from the sun.


UVA light makes up 95% of ultraviolet rays reaching the earth’s surface. They are present all the time — even when the sky is overcast — and can even pass through glass. UVA rays are the ones that penetrate skin the deepest and cause premature aging.

UVB light only constitutes 5% of ultraviolet rays. They’re not able to pass through clouds or glass, and they’re the rays responsible for making our skin tan or burn, meaning they can also damage your skin.

It’s important to use sun protection at all times to fight the pervasive invisible enemies that can sabotage your skin.


With our frigid Canadian winters, not to mention the seasonal deprivation of sunlight, it’s tempting to step straight out into the sun come spring. Let’s face it: a sun-kissed look and a light tan happen to be perceived as healthy-looking, so it’s no wonder we want to give our complexions that covetable glow. Still, it’s crucial to protect your skin against sun exposure, particularly after a long period of little to no direct sunlight.

Besides the obvious downsides of sunburns (bright-red spots and peeling skin, anyone?), another more insidious, threat looms: free radicals, which are triggered by exposure to UVA rays and the main cause of skin’s premature aging. The effects are not immediately visible, appearing gradually in the form of fine lines and wrinkles, lackluster skin and a loss of firmness. It goes without saying that preventing such damage should be at the top of your skin care goals and motivate you enough to invest in proper sun protection.


Forget thick sunscreens, which are tricky to apply and leave white marks behind. The latest formulas are designed for daily use and feature lightweight textures, so they absorb instantly and leave no unpleasant film on the skin. Skin care products based on the latest discoveries in cosmetology also happen to work double-duty, serving as both your daily sun protection and your moisturizer at the same time.


Use sun protection year-round and apply skin care to cleansed skin.

There’s no need to apply sun protection at night. Use skin care with SPF in the morning and a different moisturizer at night. Friendly reminder: don’t forget to moisturize twice a day.

Reapply sun protection throughout the day if you’re going to expose your skin to the sun for prolonged periods of time.

CW Beggs and Sons Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays, as well as premature signs of aging caused by urban pollution. It also defends and restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier, making it a multitasking daily solution that hydrates and shields your skin.

Enjoying the return of warmer weather and sunny days has never been easier: use sun protection daily for a worry-free summer and healthy-looking skin!


An established figure in the fashion and beauty world, Claude Laframboise has over 20 years of experience in the Canadian media industry. He has worked as a fashion stylist and beauty editor for Clin d’œil, the Montreal editor for FASHION Magazine, editorial director for MARIAGE Québec, and held various key roles at LOULOU, among them Editor-in-Chief.

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