Let’s face it; as successful men, we’ve got a lot on our plates.

From late nights at work to meet deadlines, to late nights with friends trying to keep up our social life, we often end our days exhausted, passed out in bed as soon as we get home. When it happens repeatedly, this kind of routine can take a huge toll on our physical and mental health.

It’s a tough cycle to break, but the truth is, we all know what it takes to really be healthy. Many of us already take the time to go to the gym multiple times a week, which helps relieve stress and keep us in shape. We also pay close attention to what we eat, since food can have serious effects on the way we feel and behave every day. These all play a positive role in keeping us healthy from the inside out.

But the puck doesn’t stop there. Have you ever thought about the way overwork and stress can affect you on the outside, too?


Our skin’s appearance is determined by a number of factors, and as you can probably guess, doing too much without taking a break can have some serious consequences. Fatigue can cause dark circles around your eyes, pale, dull-looking skin, as well as dryness and tightness. Stress can also lead to abnormal hormone levels, which can cause breakouts and uneven skin texture. It can even accelerate the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles, as overwork and sleep debt prevent your skin from regenerating properly.

Luckily, an energizing skin routine is the easy fix to unhealthy-looking skin. And don’t worry, we’re not here pitching a 12-step skin care routine that’ll only add to your list of things to do. In as little as 4 steps done twice a day, you can radically re-energize your skin with hydrating, revitalizing products that will restore your skin’s look and improve its health in the long run.


Just like your morning coffee, this complete routine will give you a burst of energy to get you on the move. Each product contains handpicked ingredients to keep your skin looking its best, giving you the confidence you need to tackle your day. Repeat before bed to help your skin renew itself overnight.

Step 1: Cleanse

It all starts with a good cleanser. A deep cleanse of your skin helps remove dirt, oil and other impurities that can drag your skin down, keeping you looking fresh and clean. Plus, the Energy+ Face Wash is enriched with icy menthol, providing a great cooling sensation to wake you up in the morning.


Step 2: Exfoliate

Twice or three times a week, add in an exfoliant to really get in there and get rid of anything left behind. A gentle yet powerful exfoliant, like the Face Scrub with bamboo particles, sweeps away dead skin cells to remove dull-looking skin and reveal a fresh new layer. This helps prevent blemishes and clogged pores and enhances your overall complexion. Tip: try to schedule your exfoliation to line up with the days you shave. Exfoliating right before shaving will help you get as close a shave as possible.


Step 3: Target

Once your face is dry, give some extra attention to your eyes. Our eyes are key to making a first impression, so make sure they look nice and bright. A product specifically developed for the delicate eye area will target dark spots, puffiness and even wrinkles; since the skin around our eyes in the thinnest on our body, it begins to show signs of aging first. The caffeine-enriched Energizing Eye Gel does it all, plus its cooling fresh-effect roller really helps you look awake, no matter how much sleep you got the night before.


Step 4: Hydrate

Finish it all off with an energizing moisturizer. This step is non-negotiable; a moisturizer is an essential step to keeping your skin healthy and protected. The Energy+ Moisturizer contains unicellular algae to retain moisture and soften skin, while shea butter provides deep hydration without leaving a greasy feeling. With repeated use, this moisturizer will help give your skin its natural healthy glow and visibly reduce signs of fatigue.


All in, these 4 easy steps will go a long way to getting your skin back to looking its best and keep you looking and feeling fresh, inside and out.