The holidays are almost upon us, bringing their share of adult beverages, late parties, and sleepless nights. Fortunately, we have the perfect skin care routine to keep you looking your best throughout the season.



To erase all signs of the night before, nothing beats starting the day with facial exfoliation. This quick step removes dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin and a brighter complexion. It also makes subsequent steps in your regime more effective, as products will penetrate more deeply into the epidermis.

The Face Scrub, containing bamboo particles, provitamin5 and menthol, removes dead cells to give skin a refined, smoother appearance and a brighter tone. Menthol provides an immediate freshening effect... a real wakeup call! Exfoliation facilitates close shaving, improves skin’s texture and boosts epidermal renewal, which helps control the signs of aging.

Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week for a healthy glow!


Late events, short nights? Less time for skin to rest! Apply this serum to give your face a deep-penetrating boost of energy.

Platinum Power Serum is a concentrated blend of active ingredients that energizes and soothes the skin, giving it a smoother, firmer appearance.

For targeted action and better results, apply to clean skin before your moisturizer.


Year-end brings long and busy days, and fatigue appears as bags and fine lines.

The Energizing Eye Gel, formulated with caffeine extract, targets and instantly minimizes visible signs of fatigue. Bags and fine lines are reduced, leaving the gaze brighter, more alert. This gel is formulated to smooth the delicate skin around the eyes.

Make this your ally, morning and night or whenever you need it – for instance, just before heading out to an evening event – to always look fresh and well rested.


Ongoing fatigue accentuates blemishes and undereye circles and dulls the complexion. Properly-moisturized skin wards off an array of inconveniences, such as the tight, pulling sensation we experience in cold weather.

The Tinted Moisturizer is your skin’s best friend for the holiday season. Formulated with pigments that adapt to skin colour, this secret weapon reduces the appearance of dark circles and brightens the complexion. The signs of fatigue and overwork are gone in the blink of an eye, leaving an instant, naturally healthy glow.

With this complete care routine, give your skin everything it needs to look its best at seasonal events... so you can pose proudly for all those holiday photos!