1. 3 words to describe yourself

Dynamic, positive and sociable

2. Tell us about yourself in a few lines

Young real estate professional, sportsman and great traveler. As a philanthropist in my spare time, I am very involved with the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Society. I received a diagnosis of MS 10 years ago. That's the main reason why I live my life at 100 miles an hour! I've traveled to almost every continent in the world and even climbed the Everest base camp last October.

3. Your GROOMING routine

Working in the business world, I pay as much attention as possible to my appearance. Usually a clipper shave with a mustache for Movember! Since I'm turning 33 years old soon, I try to use skin care products - especially for the face! But I’m a typical guy, so I sometimes neglect my skin care routine...

4. What makes you a urban gentleman (values, philosophy)?

I am a hyper-positive person who listens to others. Always ready to help my loved ones, I get involved in several projects for different organizations. I strive to always see the positive side of things and find a logical solution to each problem. We only have one life to live, so let’s Goooooo! YOLO.

5. The best advice you ever received

«Life is too short to deprive yourself of something.» - Dad

6. Your favourite CWB product, and why

The Revitalisaing Face Wash. After a working day in the city or a super-active day, this cleaner is a miracle worker and gives me a new face!