1. 3 words to describe yourself

Diverse, Defined, Interpersonal

2. Tell us about yourself in a few lines

I’ve always had an affinity for arts. Anything from cutting hair to assembling an outfit can be defined as art. I like to dabble in all things and have my hands in university work, barbering, fashion or preparing to be a dad at all times.

3. Your GROOMING routine

I wake up and brush my teeth. Following that, I apply a revitalizing face wash. I then utilize some CW shave foam and trim the outlines of my beard followed by a small amount of aftershave. After my shower, I re-apply some moisturizer on the face followed by a hair care product. I'm then ready to start my day and tackle some breakfast. :)

4. What makes you a urban gentleman (values, philosophy)

From my perspective, the modern gentleman values the person over the work, the interpersonal relationships over the material. The modern gentleman understands quality and quantifies his time through friendships, chivalry, work ethic and being in touch with modern diversity and culture! I believe in keeping those notions intact and continuously working on them every day.

5. The best advice you ever received

Strengthen your circle, keep your eye on quality and don’t fall for trends. Love harder every day.

6. Your favourite CWB product, and why

Hands down my favourite products from CW Beggs are the Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, the Sensitive Skin Face Wash and the Sensitive After-ShaveThey are all staples in my grooming routine and make my life so much easier considering my sensitive skin.