1. 3 words to describe yourself

Ambitious, Athletic, Persevering

2. Tell us about yourself in a few lines

I'm a travel and lifestyle photographer with a passion for fitness. I got into photography a year ago and I quickly realized that being behind the lens and creating content allowed me to express my creativity in a way I never thought possible. A couple of things that drive me are staying active, building relationships, helping others achieve their goals and maintaining a positive mindset. I've always been open to new experiences, which has given me the opportunity to live in some neat places around the world, including Namibia and Nunavik. I'm someone who always thrives on a challenge and new adventures, which led me to move to Namibia and open a sports bar there. I also spent a year in Nunavik, the northern-most part of Quebec.

3. Your GROOMING routine

AM: Sensitive Skin Face Wash, Energizing Eye Gel, Sensitive Skin Shave Foam, Sensitive Skin After-Shave. PM: Face Scrub, Revitalizing Face Wash, Invigorating Shower Gel

4. What makes you a urban gentleman (values, philosophy)?

What matters the most to me is knowing that the women in my life are cared for and treated with respect. My relationship with Mel @mvandersluis is built on communication, growth and compromise, which has helped us to build a strong, unshakable bond that allows us to travel the world and create together.

5. The best advice you ever received

«Before speaking your mind, always ask yourself: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?»

6. Your favourite CWB product, and why?

Shaving daily has always caused irritation on my neck. After introducing CW Beggs' sensitive shaving products (Shave Foam and After-Shave) to my grooming routine, I can shave every day and not worry about any discomfort.