We are living in unprecedented times; the lockdowns are isolating, and each day feels just like the last. The challenges we face are both mental and physical. That’s why it’s important to nurture creativity to escape routine and forge new memories.

Here are a few ideas for leaving your daily grind behind and enjoying yourself for an evening.

An evening for one:

The evening is yours. Already watched a few shows and read all the books in your library? Want to switch things up? Here are a few suggestions:

    • • Organize a spa night at home. Draw a bath and add some Epsom salts; the magnesium it contains helps your muscles relax. Next, rinse off using a gentle body wash, and remember to hydrate your face and body for maximum comfort.
    • • Dress to the nines and organize a virtual cocktail hour with friends to share your latest cocktail recipes. It’s always nice to feel elegant, cocktail in hand.
    • • Challenge yourself in the kitchen; try new recipes and don’t hesitate to drop off a plate on your friends’ and family’s doorsteps! It’s a simple gesture that will make their day.

    An evening for two:

    Red alert! Restaurants and bars are closed; in fact, everything is closed… Here are a few ideas for surprising your partner for an evening:

    Take time to get dressed up! Enough of the monotony. Treat yourselves by organizing a romantic date. Wake your face up in three steps: cleanse, target and hydrate.

        • • Order delivery from a local restaurant and pair it with a good bottle of wine.
        • • Surprise your partner by decorating the apartment. Some garland here, a few candles there, and voilà!
        • • Have fun together by organizing an activity for two (outdoor activity, board game, cocktail night, etc.).
        • • Shake up your daily routine with a one-night getaway at a hotel. Hôtel Gault and Hôtel Montville have special offers for Valentine’s Day, for example.

        • Attention to detail never goes unnoticed.

          Want to treat your loved ones, but don’t know how? Here are a few suggestions that won’t fail to please:

              • • A scented candle, flowers and chocolate
              • • Pastries or a dessert from a local restaurant
              • • Body care products for her: treat her with ideas from Watier 
              • • Body care products for him: discover our complete routines to help him take care of his skin 
              • While waiting for the warmer weather to arrive, it’s important to take care of yourself and others with simple gestures. Escaping routine and enjoying yourself is always a possibility!