You are dealing with a skin that is less elastic, less toned, less dense; you’ve noticed a loss of volume and the appearance of deeper wrinkles… That's it! Not only you are getting older, but now you see it.

In fact, your skin degenerates over the years and the unhealthier your lifestyle is the more it gets affected.

Understanding the effects of internal and external factors on the structure and function of the skin, can help you prevent aging signs.

How do men age?

Men skin is thicker and oilier than women. Their skin secretes more sebum and contains more collagen, which makes it firmer and more elastic. Men tend to develop wrinkles later than women, but when they settle, they are deeper and evolve more faster.

Besides the natural aging process of the skin, genetic and lifestyle are factors to consider. In addition to that, the sharp edge of a razor while shaving irritates and harms the skin.

Aging signs first arrive with the appearance of fine lines around the eyes area and on the face, and then they get deeper as time goes by. Later, wrinkles set in, often accompanied by a loss of the skin’s volume. Hence the importance of having a skin cares routine that slows down the aging of the skin and maintains its youthful appearance, even for older men.

Clean and exfoliate first and foremost

A forty-years-old man or even more, it's never too late to take care of your skin.

Start by cleaning it every morning and evening, using a cleanser adapted to your skin type, in order to rid it of oil and dirt accumulated throughout the day. In fact, applying skin care on a well-cleansed skin will optimize the effectiveness of the skin care routine.

Then remove the dead cells on the skin's surface using a face scrub that is suitable for you. The aim is to allow better action of anti-aging skincare products.

Target and hydrate afterwards

In order to keep a young skin, choose skin care products that improve plumpness and brightness to your epidermis, and start with the Regenerating 2-in-1 Serum. This product based with stimulating ingredients, provides a deep hydration for your skin. It tones and firms the skin of the face as well as the eye area. As a result, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be less marked. Apply the Serum daily, every morning and evening for better results.

The Regenerating Moisturizer helps fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For a toned and smooth face, apply moisturizer daily, morning and evening. It will improve the elasticity of the skin.

One routine, two complementary products

The Regenerating 2-in-1 Serum and the Regenerating Moisturizer are two products that act in complementarity for better results. The serum will target the signs of aging and the moisturizer will hydrate and reinforce the anti-aging action of the routine. The application of these two products on a well-cleansed face, is very easy and quick to use, 2 minutes is more than enough for better results in the long run.