The changing of seasons puts our skin to the test. Here are a few simple ways to take care of your skin.

Shield Your Skin from Temperature Changes

It’s easy to forget that temperature changes due to changing seasons can be doubly hard on your skin. On one hand, the contrast between cold and warm temperatures, combined with the wind, can irritate your skin. On the other, the dry, hot air inside your (often overheated) office and home dehydrates your skin even more. This combination can be extra problematic if your skin is dry or has a tendency toward dryness. The solution? Adopt a daily skin care routine that moisturizes, protects and repairs your skin every step of the way.

Clean Gently

It’s important to clean your body, hair and face with a gentle and moisturizing product. Remember to revise your routine and switch to the Hydrating Shampoo and Invigorating Shower gel. For your face, opt for a gentle cleanser designed for your skin type.

Hydrate from Head to Toe!

Applying a moisturizer with high-performance ingredients remains the best way to protect your skin against the drying effects of changing seasons. It will also help make your skin feel more comfortable since dehydrated skin tends to feel tight and itchy.


If your skin is dry, try the new Ultra-Moisturizing Cream. With a rich, non-greasy texture that feels soothing and fresh, it protects and repairs dry skin while shielding it from the drying effects of the cold. The cream’s secret weapon? Acadian red algae, which protects and repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier in extreme climate conditions.


The skin of our lips is particularly vulnerable to external aggressors and tends to become dry more easily than the rest of the body. It certainly makes sense when you consider the fact that our lips don’t have the very sebaceous glands that produce the hydrolipidic film, otherwise known as the skin’s natural hydration and protection barrier. Also good to know: Even though we tend to moisten our lips with our tongue when they feel dry, licking our lips actually produces the opposite effect and dries them out even more.
Rescue your lips with the new Moisturizing Lip Balm made from a highly nourishing and restorative trio of ingredients, including natural beeswax, sustainable palm oil and moisturizing shea butter. Better still, it won’t leave a shiny film on your lips and contains zero fragrance.

Body and Hands

We often think about taking care of the skin on our face, but the epidermis that covers the rest of our body should not be neglected either. Well-hydrated skin is not only more pleasing to the eye and the touch, it also contributes to an overall sense of well-being and comfort. So long, scratchy-feeling clothes!
Discover the new Ultra Moisturizer Hand and Body, a fast-absorbing, two-in-one formula. Its star ingredient? Shea butter, which is renowned for its intense hydrating properties. As a bonus, it has a light texture and won’t leave a greasy film behind on your body or hands.
Whether you're a fan of outside activities or prefer to relax inside, it’s always a good idea to incorporate products that will protect your skin in between two seasons!


An established figure in the fashion and beauty world, Claude Laframboise has over 20 years of experience in the Canadian media industry. He has worked as a fashion stylist and beauty editor for Clin d’œil, the Montreal editor for FASHION Magazine, editorial director for MARIAGE Québec, and held various key roles at LOULOU, among them Editor-in-Chief.

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